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The Haiti
Philatelic Society

June 2023 Society Auction

Closing July 3, 2023

Lot Description M/B My Bid
Stamps and souvenir sheets
1Scott #5. MNG copy; well centered with very good margin and very clean gum side. Catalog value of $24.00$6.75
2#18. Mint copy in VF condition. Catalog value: $
3#69a. Mint Never hinged and VF copy with inverted overprint. Excellent center and margins. Listed in Scott catalog at $
4#130. Mint and excellent copy of this issue. No hinge. Scott catalog value of $
5#139. A Used and excellent copy. VG gum side; no hinge nor hinge marks. Catalog value: $
6#144. Mint and VF copy with excellent margins and good centering. No hinge on gum side. Catalog value $
7#151. Beautiful block of 10 in MNH and VF condition with 3 stamps missing surcharge. A single copy without the surcharge is valued at $7.50($52.50). Error not listed in Scott catalog.50.00
8#169. MNG and VF condition. Excellent gum side. Catalog value: $
9#195. Mint and VF copy. Excellent gum side without hinge. Catalog value: $
10#242. MNH and excellent condition. A very scarce copy. Scott Catalog value: $400.160.00
11#316. Specimen copy in MNH and VF condition.5.00
12#325. Specimen copy in MNH and VF condition.5.00
13#932. MNG and VF copy; gum side very clean, no hinge or markings. Catalog value: $
14#C19-C21. Set of 6 souvenir sheets, perforate and imperforate, MNH, VF. Catalog value: $
15#C125a. Souvenir sheets, perforated and imperforated in MNH and VF conditon. Catalog value: $
16#C165. MNH and VF copy. Catalog value: $
17#J20. Mint copy and VF. Clean gum side – no hinge. Excellent centering and margins. A very scarce issue, Catalog value: $
Covers and postal stationery
18First flight, USMC carrier, Port-au-Prince (4 Dec 1925) to Cap Haitien (4 Dec 1925). Receiving post mark on back of cover not clear on date. Levine First Flights Catalog listed as 4 December 1925; catalog value: $
19First flight, USMC carrier, Port-au-Prince (19 Apr 1927) to Port de Paix (19 Apr 1927). Receiving mark on back. Levine catalog value: $
20First flight, #WI-7, Port-au-Prince 28 February 1928 to USA (OHIO) via Santiago de Cuba (28 Feb 1928). Arriving Ironton on 4 March 1928. Levine catalog value: $40.0018.75
21First flight, Port-au-Prince (21 Sep 1929) to Sainte Lucie (Castries, St Lucie on 22 Sep 29). This is a Registered airmail with flight stop in San Juan, Puerto Rico on 21 Sep 29. Sender requested mail to be returned to Port-au-Prince (10 October 29). Large double blue circle “LINDBERGH PREMIER VOL”. Cover is clean and in VF condition. See back of cover for all appropriate receiving post marks.40.00
22Postal card, 1902 3 cent from Port-au-Prince (29 March 1902) to Salzburg, Austria (arrival cancellation in front but date of arrival incomplete; appears to be 17 April 1902). Excellent condition. Message included.10.00
23USMC handstamp type P4, Port-au-Prince to USA, May 1922.35.00
24USMC handstamp type P6, Port-au-Prince to USA, November 1923.25.00
25USMC handstamp type P11, Port-au-Prince to USA, January 1929.15.00
26USMC handstamp type P12, Port-au-Prince to USA, April 1929.15.00
27USMC handstamp type P14, Port-au-Prince to USA, August 1930.15.00
28USMC handstamp type PC1, Port-au-Prince to USA, Official Business, no franking letter envelope front only. Constabular Detachment October 1930. Rubber killer bars (3) should be parallel but became quite twisted with use of stamping device.25.00

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