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Décembre 2015 enchères de la Société

A pris fin le 29 décembre 2015

Lot Description Prix Réalisé
Potential bidders desiring to see a scan of any Lot are requested to write the Society Auctioneer by email or through postal mail.
Special Selection
1Scott #7-13, perforate Liberty Heads, plate 2, 2nd printing, plated and placed in stock sheet pockets numbered 1 to 50 corresponding to the plate positions. Stamps are mostly used in good to fine condition: eighteen copies of the 1c, twenty of the 2c, sixteen of the 3c, twenty-five of the 5c, twenty-nine of the 7c, and eight of the 20c. A few may be misplated and the plating information should be checked. About 116 stamps with a Catalogue Value of about $290.00 $45.00No Bids
2#38, 39, and 43, 1896 Palm Tree issues, plate proof singles 1c, 2c, and 20c, plus mint singles 1c imperforate horizontally and 1c imperforate vertically. Hinged to album page.10.00$16.00
3#46-51, Mint, plus imperforate plate proof pairs of the 1c, 2c, 3c, 5c, and 20c values (in color of issue), plus eleven color trial singles in various colors, all hinged to album pages. 25 items in all.12.0013.00
4#82-95, Centenary issue. (Note: Lithographed frames printed from two separate plates. Plate A frames have a small color scratch across the frame lines below the ME of the right CENTIMES. Plate B frames do not have this flaw. Plate A printings are judged to be the official printings. Plate B frames are judged to be unofficial reprints.) This lot has some Plate A and some Plate B values. Seven album pages: (1) an album page with mint singles - portraits are lithographed which marks them as forgeries except the 10c and 50c values. The 10c is Plate B (a reprint). The 50c is genuine; (2) an album page with a set of imperforate singles, these are all Plate B (reprints); (3) an album page missing portraits - all Plate B (reprints); (4) an album page with inverted portraits - all Plate B; (5) an album page with large POST PAYE overprints, most have areas of color flaws obscured. The 7c is genuine, but the overprint looks forged; (6) an album page with small overprint, the 2c is a genuine Plate A example, others are Plate B or not determined; (7) an album page with two upper right pairs with sheet control numbers - these are genuine postal issues. The 5 centime pair is from Plate A. The 2 centimes pair has the "mustache" flaw in the portrait and is the 2c Plate A shade. Color differences are noted especially between Plates A and B printing of 2c and 7c. Link to Auction Lot #4 imageLink to Auction Lot #4 imageLink to Auction Lot #4 imageLink to Auction Lot #4 imageLink to Auction Lot #4 imageLink to Auction Lot #4 imageLink to Auction Lot #4 image5.0024.00
5#125-144, complete mint singles, lightly hinged to album pages, VF, Catalogue Value about $255.00 35.0088.00
6#96-101, 102-107, Nord-Alexis issue of 1904, the six values mint with two shades of the 1c and 2c, and the six values with small POSTE PAYE overprint. Additionally, eleven imperforates mint (plate proofs or reprints) and four imperforates with smudged cancels, all VF and lightly hinged to album pages.2.002.00
7#151, 1c in red on 20c, 1907 mint block of four, imperforate horizontally between, plus a mint single imperforate vertically on the left sheet margin. Stamps are lightly hinged to a piece of album page and are VF. Link to Auction Lot #7 image10.0022.00
8Nice local cover, 3 July 1918, Port au Prince, paid by two copies of Scott #268, 1c black on 50c yellow. This is somewhat hard to find on cover. Stamps are neatly tied by the Port au Prince cancel. Cover is neat, clean and VF. Link to Auction Lot #8 image25.0098.00
9Local cover, Port au Prince, 30 March 1920, paid by pair of Scott #275, 5c red on 15c yellow. Stamps neatly tied by Port au Prince cancels. Somewhat hard to find on cover. Clean, sound, and VF. Link to Auction Lot #9 image25.0094.00
10Cover, Port au Prince to Germany, 27 December 1919, paid by Scott #304, 5c de p in magenta on 15 c de p orange red. Stamp is tied by Port au Prince cancel. Cover is clean, sound, and VF. Link to Auction Lot #10 image25.0038.00
11Cover, Jeremie to Port au Prince, paid by Scott #306, 5c overprint on 10c postage due, for regular postal service. Stamp is nicely tied by strike of Jeremie, April 1920. Clean, sound and VF. Link to Auction Lot #11 image25.00140.00
12Local cover, Port au Prince, 9 March 1920, "En Ville" paid by pair of Scott #308, 5c overprint in magenta on 50c postage due for regular postal service, plus a mint and a used copy of the stamp. Cover is hingeless mounted and stamps are lightly hinge mounted on album page, clean, sound, and VF. Link to Auction Lot #12 image30.0077.00
13Cover, Cap Haitien to St. Louis (Missouri), paid by Scott #163, 5c Simon blue and black, cancel ties stamp but date is (?), Port au Prince backstamp, 4 June 1911. Clean, sound, and VF.25.00No Bids
14Haitian treasury note, 1 gourde, Law of 1914. About 3 1/2 by 7 inches, extremely well preserved. Link to Auction Lot #14 image1.0017.00
15#150-161, mint, the 1907 surcharges including the 1c on 20c in violet. Fine to VF, hinge mounted on album page. Also another album page with eleven various overprints inverted. Catalogue Value about $180.00 Link to Auction Lot #15 imageLink to Auction Lot #15 image40.0092.00
16Forgery of #171, 2c Nord-Alexis with GLOZ overprint. The basic stamp is a reprint to which a forged overprint has been applied. Additionally, the two cancellations are also bogus. The accompanying scan should be viewed before making an offer on this. Link to Auction Lot #16 image2.0010.00
17#145-149, 162-165, and four stamps from the 1907 to 1919 period with surcharge varieties. Mint, VF, lightly hinged to album pages. Catalogue Value about $30.006.0012.00
18#166-175, Leconte issue and first GLOZ overprints, mint and VF, lightly hinged to album pages. Catalogue Value about $90.0020.0031.00
19Fourteen stamps from the 1904 to 1911 period, used with town cancels or parts of HAPAG cancels. Link to Auction Lot #19 imageLink to Auction Lot #19 image5.0010.00
20#13, perforate Liberty Head 20c, used block of eight, four wide by two high, one stamp missing a bit at top, paper adhering to back probably from removal from mailed item, otherwise about fine. Catalogue Value as singles about $36.00Link to Auction Lot #20 image20.0062.00
21Two cards, one to Paris, paid by 3c Pres. Sam postal stationery, docketed Port au Prince 28 October 1904, mailed aboard ship. Two nice strikes of Dutch packet oval 3 November, and French arrival. The second is a black and white photo card, women washing clothes, paid by #146, 2c de g, stamped "CROATIA", 7 May 1907, and Dominican Republic, 10 May 1907, to le Havre. Mailed aboard ship and stamp ink cancelled with a large X. Both cards are sound and free of faults with short messages in French. Link to Auction Lot #21 imageLink to Auction Lot #21 image6.0012.00
22Two covers to France, one paid by #187, 5c de p on 10c de p, 12 February 1920. to Paris stamp tied by cancel, the second paid by Scott #126 and #127 to le Havre, 12 March 1913, stamps tied by cancel. The first cover has a smudge mark of some kind on lower left corner of the stamp. Both are otherwise sound and free of faults, VF. Link to Auction Lot #22 imageLink to Auction Lot #22 image15.00No Bids
23Registered Cover, Port au Prince to Paris, 24 November 1917, paid by Scott #126, #127, and #168. Stamps are nicely tied, and registration stamps and number are on the front. VF condition.15.0024.00
24Postal stationery, two cards, one is the 3c green Sam card, 25 September 1899, to Paris; card is flawless and has message in French. The second is the 2c card with 1c Sam adhesive added, stamp is neatly tied and card is also flawless. VF condition; no message.20.00No Bids
25Unusual card, German postal stationery 10pf, with Haiti #168 (5c Leconte) added, has a clear date stamp for Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and two VF strikes of the large oval HAPAG mark for the ship Albingia. One strike ties stamp. The card is addressed to Bromberg (Prussia). VF, no message, no receiving mark. Link to Auction Lot #25 image1.0035.00
26Cover, Mole St Nicolas to Paris, paid with #168 (5c Leconte). Stamp not canceled and no date stamp on front. Back has two strikes of date stamp from Mole, date not clear, as well as two date stamps from Port de Paix, 27 November 1918. Bank of Haiti correspondence, nice clear strike of the bank cachet on front of cover. Has "OPENED BY CENSOR" seal. Cover is clean and sound and VF. Link to Auction Lot #26 image20.0026.00
27Registered Cover, Port au Prince to Paris, paid by three copies of #168 (5c Leconte) nicely tied by 25 September 1918 cancels. Date stamps on back for Port au Prince, New York, and France. Cover has registration markings, also slight wrinkles and a very small tear otherwise condition of the cover is Fine to VF.15.00No Bids
28Somewhat faulty cover, Port au Prince, 30 October 1915, registered with copy of #119 (8c hard money overprint) tied by date stamp, addressed to Switzerland with two letters from a Pharmacy enclosed, both written in German. It appears that a second stamp was removed. Cover opened by French censor. New York backstamp, also a marking for postal control at Lyon. No Swiss receiving mark and probably not delivered. Some wrinkling and tape stains. Condition poor.2.008.50
29Letter, Cayes to Cairo, mailed aboard a Dutch ship, 20 August 1912, paid by #126 and #119 nicely tied by fine strike of Dutch oval packet mark. A second strike off to side. Cairo backstamp. Cover has a vertical file fold and a couple of 1cm tears at left, otherwise clean and F to VF condition. Link to Auction Lot #29 image25.0034.00
30Mixture, about 300 stamps, mainly Pres. Salomon through Palm Tree issues, mainly used; couple on small piece, and a few CTO. Some nice cancels. Condition of this lot is Good to Fine.10.0025.00
31Scott #24. MNG, well centered and good margins. Very nice copy, VF condition. The 2016 Scott Catalogue value is $50.0012.00No Bids
32#40. Block of four, imperforate vertically. Mint with very light hinge mark. Excellent condition. 20.00No Bids
33#46-51. Mint Never Hinged, Very Fine condition.8.0023.00
34#69. Mint No Gum, VF. Inverted overprint.1.504.00
35#73. Mint, VF. Inverted overprint.3.004.00
36#83-88. Mint, VF. Imperforate examples with good margins.2.25No Bids
37#89-95. Used set in VF condition.3.005.00
38#130. Beautiful vertical pair in excellent, MNH condition. Scarce issue. Scott Catalogue Value $50.0025.0033.00
39#169. MNG in excellent condition. Overprint is centered, clear and clean. A scarce issue. Link to Auction Lot #39 image6.008.00
40#241. Block of 4, MNH, VF condition. The lower left stamp has a double surcharge.15.0015.00
41#242. One of the valuable, scarce postal issues of Haiti. MNG and VF condition. Catalogue value $125.00 Link to Auction Lot #41 image40.0082.00
42#257. MNH, VF with inverted overprint.5.008.00
43#385. MNH, VF with inverted surcharge.10.0014.00
44#386-388. MNH, VF with double surcharges. Link to Auction Lot #44 imageLink to Auction Lot #44 imageLink to Auction Lot #44 image30.0077.00
45#426. Full Sheet (50); MNH, VF.12.00No Bids
46#585-589, C299-301. Complete set in sheets of 50 in MNH, VF condition. Catalogue value $147.0045.00No Bids
47#611-15, C326-29 in MNH, VF condition.10.00No Bids
48#624H-I. Two Apollo 11 perforate souvenir sheets. CTO, VF condition.10.00No Bids
49#625-27, C348-50. MNH, VF.25.0025.00
50#642. Full sheet of 50. MNH, VF condition.7.00No Bids
51#752-59. MNH, VF.3.506.00
52#770B-770I. MNH, VF.2.75No Bids
53#781-88. MNH, VF.1.752.75
54#803-09 & 809a. Mint, VF. Scarce issue, especially the souvenir sheet.15.0022.00
55#817. MNH with a barely noticeable fold line on lower half of the Souvenir Sheet; otherwise a VF copy.1.255.00
56#887-88. Used (not CTO) and in VF condition. These are the two high value of the Christmas 1996 postal issue.3.507.00
57#894. Used (not CTO) in VF condition.1.251.75
58#911-12. The two high values issue of the 1999 Bird issue in Used (not CTO), VF condition.4.008.00
59#917-18. The two high values of the Chinese Inventions issue of 1999 in Used (not CTO), VF condition.7.50No Bids
60#931-32. The two high values of the 2001 Constitution issue, in Used (not CTO), VF condition. Terribly undervalued by Scott.3.0014.00
61#C1-4. MNH, VF. Set almost impossible to find in this condition. The Catalogue Value is only for Mint condition copies, not Mint Never Hinged.5.00No Bids
62#C19-21, C19a-21a. Souvenir Sheets (6), perforate and imperforate, in MNH, VF condition. Catalogue value $90.0022.00No Bids
63#C63-70. All used copies except #C70 is Mint. VF.3.504.50
64#C114a, C121a, C152a, and C165a. All Souvenir Sheets, MNH, VF.3.003.00
65#C119. Full Sheet (50); missing bottom left stamp. In MNH, Very Fine condition.7.00No Bids
66#C152a. MNH, VF.1.00No Bids
67#C318A. MNH, VF.7.008.00
68#C447A. Full sheet of 50. MNH, VF.10.00No Bids
69#C466-68, MNH, VF.1.003.50
70#CB57. Two copies, one MNH, the other Used, VF condition.1.752.50
71#CB22-23. MNH, VF.1.00No Bids
72#Q1-2 (MNH); #Q5-6 (Used). VF.1.502.50
73Cover Sheet. Jacmel to London, 28 September 1858. Faint but legible “JACMEL” in large double circle. 1/5 due marking, and London red circle receiving date stamp on back. Slight soiling and a vertical file fold, otherwise Fine-Very Fine condition. Link to Auction Lot #73 image10.00No Bids
74First Flight Cover. WIAE, Port au Prince, 21 February 1928 and 28 February 1928, to Santiago, Cuba, 28 February 1928. First northbound service of the WIAE was scheduled to depart Port au Prince on 21 February 1928, but flew on 28 February 1928, thus the two different postmarks on cover. Paid with #314 and #318. Cover signed by pilot B.L. Rowe. Cover is in Very Fine condition.10.0011.00
75Cover. Fort-De-France (10-1-1994) to France. Commemorative cover with French vessel FREGATE VENTOSE color cachet (very nice) “EMBARGO HAITI – DECEMBER 1993 – FREGATE VENTOSE”. Additional cachet, blue small circle “VAGUEMESTRE FREGATE ‘VENTOSE’” Nice clean cover.1.007.00
76Postal Card. H&G #2. Port au Prince, 19 August 1904, to Paris, partial receiving postmark. Paid with the addition of a copy of #96 to pay for proper mail rate. Readable French language message. Excellent condition.8.00No Bids
77Postal Cards. Selection of 6 PCs as follows: H&G #2; #3 ; #4 ; #6 (both halves); #8; and #15 (both halves). All PCs are Mint in VF condition.15.00No Bids
78Picture Post Card. A 'President U. Grant’s Tomb' card used for mailing from Haiti. This is a PAQUEBOT mail (N.Y. 2D Div). Addressed to Paris and paid with #96-97. F-VF condition.5.00No Bids
79Scott Catalogs, 2000 Edition, Volumes 1-6. VF condition.10.00No Bids
80The Foundations of Philately by Winthrop S. Boggs. The Philatelic Foundation, 1955, 196pp. Numerous black and white photos; 13 chapters. Hardbound, in excellent condition; like new.5.005.00
End of auction