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Septembre 2004 enchères de la Société

A pris fin le 10 octobre 2004

Lot Description Prix Réalisé
(Material presented in this auction is from the estate of Mr. Robert Frigstad, who passed away in December 2003. Mr. Frigstad, a long time member of the HPS, was a very meticulous collector. His material is in exceptionally good condition)
11781 Folded Letter (FL) addressed to Port-au-Prince (PauP) with very nice, clean ST MARC marking. The manuscript rate mark 1E shows very clearly. VF and clean. Two page clear text (French)$75.00No Bids
21781 FL, from CAP (Cape Francais) to PauP on 6 June 1871. The manuscript rate mark "2E" (ESCALIN) shows the amount of postage paid. Very clean markings and in Superb condition.50.00No Bids
31820 FL, PauP to France with a black clear Bordeaux handstamp to show arrival from the colonies. The manuscript "8" shows amount of postage to be collected from addressee. Three page letter in French. VF condition.50.00$55.00
41824 FL, PauP to London, 19 October 1824. FL has framed monogram "AV" (Affranchisement Verifie), a French marking confirming proper rate has been charged. Black Bordeaux marking shows passage through London. Reverse has London mark of the Foreign Post Office dated 3 Jan 1825. VF.35.0060.00
51826 FL, Jacmel to Boston via private ship to NY sent on 11 March 1826. The "SHIP" marking was applied in NY, as well as the postmark "April 7". The rate marking of 39 1/2 cents is clearly shown. Rate made up of 37 1/2 cents for double USA postage and 2 cents for ship fee.25.0040.00
61827 FL, PauP to London, 18 October 1827. Reverse shows clear London dated postmark, as well as the boxed handstamp "FALMOUTH SHIP LETTER". Manuscript rate marking "3/2" (3 shillings, 2 pence). VF condition.35.0060.00
71838 FL, PauP to Bordeaux, 8 December 1838. Black rectangular "Le Havre" transit mark and a circular black "BUREAU MARITIME (HAVRE) 15 Feb 39". Paris postmark and not too clear Bordeaux black double circle postmark of April 1839. VF.75.0089.00
81849 FL, Jacmel to Bordeaux with very clear black double circle postmark of 9 December 1849. Article 13 of the Anglo-French Convention of 1843 mark on front, and British/French postmarks on the back. VF.100.00No Bids
91865 FL, Jacmel to Marcella with a 26 December 1865 Jacmel postmark, and an arrival postmark of Calais dated 15 January 1866. VF.30.00No Bids
101871 FL, PauP to Le Havre, with a PauP postmark of 1 June 1871. Reverse shows "LIVERPOOL BR. PACKET" mark w/a date of 24 June 1871. London and Le Havre clear postmarks. VF.25.0041.00
111873 FL, Gonaives to Le Havre, 30 June 1873. The French red circle entry mark "OUTRE-MER LE HAVRE" dated 7 August 1873 is very clean & clear. Very Fine condition.40.0044.00
121877 FL, PauP to Le Havre, 10 January 1877. The black handstamp "T" and the blue penciled "220" shows this was a double weight letter and thus could not receive the "T1-10" handstamp. Proper receiving postmarks. VF.50.00No Bids
131878 FL, PauP to Le Havre, 24 August 1878, via Jacmel (postmark 25 Aug 78), with black handstamp "T 1-10" mark. Proper receiving postmarks.75.00No Bids
141879 FL, Jacmel to Bordeaux, 25 September 1879. Black handstamp "T" with 16 decimes marking. Proper receiving postmarks. VF.50.00No Bids
151879 Cover, Jacmel to Le Havre, 25 November 1879. The Jacmel postmark is a very sharp and clear "JACMEL UNPAID" handstamp of the Postal Packet Agency. According to owner, it was described by the auctioneer Robson Lowe in the Hennan Auction as the only one known. "T 1-10" marking and proper receiving postmarks. Very clean cover in great condition. A very rare and scarce cover.150.00175.00
161879 FL, PauP to Le Havre, 10 December 1879. "T 1-10" marking and proper receiving postmarks. VF.40.0042.00
171869 FL, Jacmel to Bordeaux, 11 May 1869. "10 decimes" handstamp. Proper receiving postmarks. VF.25.00No Bids
181874 FL, PauP to Le Havre, 29 April 1874. Nice clean PauP circular postmark from the British Postal & Packet Agency. Forwarding Agent in PauP, WHITE & HARTMAN & CO, marking. Proper receiving postmarks. VF.50.0080.00
191893 Cover, PauP (26 August 1893) to Detroit. Received in NY 3 Sep 93. Paid with horizontal pair of Scott #29. Postmark cancellation of PauP, lightly struck. VF.30.00No Bids
20Cover, airmail service Cap Haitien to PauP, postmarked 27 November 1926. AVION marks on cover and stamps. Paid with vertical pair of #314. VF.10.00No Bids
211927 Cover, Cap Haitien (24 February 1927) to PauP (26 February 1927). Paid with #315 (2) and #317 (2). VF.8.00No Bids
221929. Three airmail covers PauP to Rochester MN. Postmarked in January and February 1929 with receiving Rochester postmarks. VF.6.00No Bids
23Scott #1, horizontal strip of 5, Used, with Cap Haitien 9 April 1883 very sharp and clean postmarks. Catalog Value (CV) $22.50. Beautiful!! Superb condition.15.0056.50
24#1, horizontal pair, Mint, OG, Superb condition. CV $14.008.0014.00
25#1, horizontal pair, Used, PauP cancellation of 1 August 1882. VF-Superb condition. CV $9.005.0013.00
26#1, three copies, Mint, OG, wide margins, CV $21.00, VF.10.0018.00
27#1, three copies, Mint no gum, wide margins, CV $13.50, VF.5.00No Bids
28#1, two copies, Used, PauP cancellations. One with 27 October 1882 postmark. CV $9.00, Fine condition.3.005.00
29#2, block of 4, Mint, OG, VF-Superb condition. CV $36++.40.0060.00
30#2, horizontal pair, Mint, OG, CV $18.00, Superb condition.10.0020.00
31#2, two copies, Used, one with 1881 postmark, CV $9.00, VF.4.005.50
32#2, four copies, Mint, OG, great wide margins, CV $36.00, VF.20.0030.00
33#3, horizontal pair, Mint, OG, wide margins, hinge remnant, CV $32.00, VF.13.0033.50
34#3, seven copies; 3 Mint, OG and 4 Used. All with wide margins, CV $68.00, VF. Nice group.25.0035.00
35#4, horizontal pair, Used, beautiful clear and complete CAP HAITIEN postmark of 20 July 1883. CV $16.00, Very Fine condition.10.0022.00
36#4, Mint, OG, hinge remnant, CV $27.50, VF.10.00No Bids
37#4, five copies, Used, all with wide margins, CV $40.00, VF.18.0025.00
38#5, Mint, OG, CV $18. VF to Superb.9.0011.00
39#5, horizontal pair, Used, with 1885 PauP cancellation. Very good looking pair in VF condition. CV $6.003.5010.50
40#5, five copies Used, all with wide margins, CV $15.00, VF.7.009.00
41#6, Used with very nice complete PauP postmark of 29 Dec 1883. CV $20.0012.0030.00
42#6, Used with complete/clear Cap Haitien postmark 23 June 82, CV $20.00, VF.12.0027.00
43#1-6, complete set, Used, wide margins, very clean. #6 has a 16 Oct 86 postmark, CV $45.00, VF set.22.0030.00
44#1-6, complete set, Used, all with wide margins and nice cancellations. Superb condition.27.0042.00
45#7, six copies; 4 Mint, OG, and 2 Used with PauP and GOAVES postmarks. CV $21, Fine to VF condition. 7.0015.00
46#8b, Used, CV $2.60, VF.1.253.50
47#8, two copies, Mint, OG. One Fine the other VF. CV $15.005.00No Bids
48#9, Mint, OG, hinge remnant, CV $9.00, VF.3.75No Bids
#9, Mint, gum on face, Scarce Item, VF.
49#9, eight copies, Used, color varieties included, CV $20.00, VF.7.0012.50
50#10, Gibbons #14 (blue green), 2 copies, Used, with PauP cancels.1.002.00
51#10d, horizontal pair, imperforate between, Used with PauP postmark of 1886. Very small nick on upper right corner of stamp on right; appears like perforation missing. VF otherwise. CV $150.00, Extremely Scarce.80.00112.00
52#10, Mint, OG, CV $6.50, VF.2.75No Bids
53#10, eleven copies, Used, color varieties, CV $11.00, VF lot.4.507.00
54#11, two copies, Used; and #12, Used. CV $5.50. F-VF.2.00No Bids
55#13, Mint, OG, few half perforations on bottom, otherwise, VF; and, a Used copy of #13 with double vertical perforations.4.5012.00
56#13, Used, postal forgery, VF.7.0011.00
57#13, two copies, Used, CV $2.80, VF.1.25No Bids
Collection of 18 Liberty Heads (#1//13) all Forgeries, Mint and Used. All different. Among these, 5 Fournier and 5 Baguet forgeries. Very nice lot. Excellent condition.
58#18, Mint, OG, hinge remnant, CV $ Bids
59#18, five copies, Used, CV $7.00, VF.2.505.00
60#19, Used, and #20 (4 copies), Used, CV $10.50, All VF.3.006.00
61#7-13, Used with very nice cancellations and VF-Superb condition; and, #18-20, Used, VF. CV of lot $
62#21, Mint, OG, and #21-25, Used, excellent centering, VF, and, #26-30, Used. Also a used block of 4 of #31. CV of lot $9.15. All VF copies.3.00No Bids
63#32-45, Used, CV $4.60, all copies with excellent centering, VF.1.75No Bids
64#35 (7 copies); #36 (12 copies); and, #37. All Used in F-VF condition. Also a horizontal pair imperforate vertically (Scarce) in Mint, OG, but with gum creases and a small cut in lower right corner. Included in this lot also, #36 (3 copies) and #37 (2 copies) all in Mint, OG, VF condition. Lot CV $14++++4.504.00
#36a, imperforate, Block of 25, MNH. VF. CV $70 ++++
65#38-43, collection of 39 copies, Mint and Used; many color shades. Mostly VF condition.1.754.00
66#38, 41 and 42; horizontal pairs imperforate vertically, and a #38 vertical pair imperforate horizontally. All in Mint, OG, VF condition.12.0014.00
67#40 and #43, horizontal strips of 4, imperforate vertically,VF.12.0014.00
68#41-42, blocks of 6, Mint, OG, imperforate vertically, VF.18.00No Bids
69#42, two blocks of 4, MNH. One block of 4, Mint, OG, imperforate vertically; and one horizontal pair imperforate vertically, MNH.12.00No Bids
#42, imperforate Block of 25, MNH, CV $70+++, VF.
70#43, block of 6, Mint, OG, imperforate vertically. An imperforate horizontal pair, MNG. Two imperforate singles with wide margins, Mint and MNG. A single imperforate vertically. All in VF condition.12.00No Bids
71#44, (three Mint, OG, and one Used), and #45 (three Mint, OG, and one Used). Also a Mint, OG copy of #44 with Inverted Surcharge. All VF.7.0010.00
72#45, block of 4, Mint, OG, VF, and a single with Double Surcharge, Mint, OG, hinge remnant, VF otherwise.4.005.00
73#45, Postal Forgery, Mint, hinged, VF.4.009.00
74#45, Block of 40, MNH except for 4 stamps, a thin crease line in center of block affecting 6 stamps (hardly noticeable). Two stamps in bottom row with very clear double surcharges. Beautiful large block of this issue!45.0052.00
75#46-51, Mint, OG, CV $7.35, VF.3.50No Bids
76#46-51, Proofs. Horizontal pairs plus a strip of three of the 1 cent in black color. Also #46,48,50-51 in Mint, OG with Specimen overprint. Excellent condition. Great lot!!35.0060.00
77#46-51, Specimen overprints, MNH except #51 (hinged).15.0015.00
78#47 & #51, Trial color Proofs in blocks of 4. Three blocks - different colors of #47. VF condition.40.0050.00
79#47-49, Trial color Proofs as follows: #47 (four horizontal pairs, each of a different color and one single). #48 (one horizontal pair and one single different color). #49 (two singles - same color).25.0033.00
80#46-51, collection of 35 singles, as follows: #46 (two Mint OG and one used). #47 (six Mint OG and three used). #48 (five Mint OG and one used). #49 (six Mint OG and four used). #50 (three Mint OG). #51 (four Mint OG). Plus a used block of 4 and a Mint OG strip of #49. All in VF condition. Lot CV $
81#50, horizontal strip of 10 (bottom of a sheet) with an imperforate vertically pair. MNH, VF condition.25.0035.00
82#52//109, collection of 175 stamps, MNH, Mint OG and Used. Includes many (at least 15) inverted surcharges/overprints, one postal forgery, imperforates, and copies of #89-95 with both types of dies for the handstamped overprints. A Specialist Lot. All in VF condition. No copies of #64-66, nor of #67-81.85.0090.00
83#59, Sunken Die Proof with additional wide margin. Very sharp impression. Excellent condition.30.0080.00
84#82, trial color Proof, horizontal pair, imperforate, VF.6.0010.00
#84, 85, 87. Horizontal pairs, imperforate, Mint OG (except #84 without gum). VF. See footnote Scott Catalog.
85#96-101, perforated and imperforate sets, MNH. Also #96,98, 100, and 101 in blocks of 4 imperforate and MNH. Horizontal pairs in MNH condition of #97-99 and #101 (2). Also single MNH copies of #96-97 and #100. All VF.6.00No Bids
86#103, block of 4, MNH with inverted overprint. Nice, VF block.20.00No Bids
87#106, vertical pair imperforate horizontally, Used with PauP cancellation. Very Fine copy. Scarce item.25.0044.00
88#110-121, Mint, OG. #118 is an inverted OP. CV $22.70 +++. VF.8.00No Bids
89#150-160, collection of 48 stamps, Mint and Used. Some duplication. Includes nine inverted surcharges and four forgeries (#152, 156 and 160 - 2 copies). Very fine selection. Excellent condition.40.0040.00
90#172//216, collection of 74 stamps, Mint and Used. All Scott numbers included except for #186, 192, and 194-95. Varieties of overprints reading up and down, as well as the 2 handstamps used on the overprints, as indicated at footnote in Scott Catalog after #201. CV $55 +++. Very fine condition.16.0021.00
#175, overprinted "TM", perforation 13 1/4, Mint No Gum. This is Haiti's first provisional overprint for revenue purposes. VF condition. Scarce item. See footnote Scott Catalog after #175.
91#217-218, two copies of #217 and four copies of #218, one being Mint OG with inverted surcharge. Very Fine.4.00No Bids
92#245-274, collection of 60 stamps, Mint OG and Used, duplication, CV $29.00, VF condition.8.0014.00
93#265, inverted surcharge, Mint OG, VF. Scarce error.8.0014.00
94#276//304, collection of 63 stamps, Mint and Used, duplication. Only issues missing are #291, 296 and 303. CV $25.00, Very Fine.7.00No Bids
95Early Essay, Coat of Arms. Proposed denomination 25 centimes, beige color, 20 x 23 mm in size. Two copies. Fine-VF. Scarce.10.0035.00
96Essays, 1897-1898. Hamilton Bank Note Co. Two copies - one green color, the other orange. (See HP, Vol IV, No 3, p.10). Scarce.20.0052.00
97Essays. Same as above but these two copies are cut down Die Essays with large margins (2 1/2 x 2 inches). Nice copies. Excellent condition.40.00110.00
98Legitime Issue. In 1890 a set of stamps bearing portrait of President Legitime were printed but never issued. Before the stamps could be used, President Legitime was ousted from power. Seven stamps - different denominations - are included in this set. VF condition.30.00118.00
99Verviers - Coln TPO. Three Liberty Heads (#1, #5 and #10) with this very scarce cancellation. See article about this cancellation in the HP of September 2000, page 48. Very Fine condition.15.0026.00
100French Packet. Beautiful, clear and complete cancellation on Scott #10. Postmark reads "JACMEL, 3 Mars 87, PAQ FRE". Superb condition.20.0030.00
101The Royal Netherlands Steamship Co. Selection of 19 stamps with the RNSC cancels. There are 15 different stamps. All in VF condition.12.0026.00
102US Incoming Foreign Mail. Nice selection of 14 stamps with the USIFM markings. Seven of the stamps are Liberty Heads, and seven are first Coat of Arms issue. Some have partial view of the markings only. All VF. See article on these Markings in HP, Vol II, No 2, page 11.30.0044.00
103Hamburg American Packet Co. Selection of 8 stamps with ship's name postal marking on the stamp. Among these: BOLIVIA, ALENE, and ATLAS. Nice group. VF condition.20.0041.00
104US postage due (Scott #J61), block of 4, Used. Block bearing handstamp of the Haitian Customs at Port-au-Prince. Note: Haitian customs were under the direction of US military during the US occupation of Haiti during the period of 1915-1934. It is believed that postage due stamps of the US were used to pay for insufficient postage, and these postage due stamps were handstamped with Haitian cancellations. This usage is extremely rare. VF condition.15.0037.00
105Same as Lot 104, but this block is a plate block.17.0024.00
106Same as Lot 104, but this block is Scott #J62.15.0025.00
107Same as Lot 106.15.0023.00
108Same as Lot 104, but this block is #J64.18.0038.00
109Leon Montes, "La Timbrologie Haitienne, 1881-1954". VF.30.0082.00
110Clarence Hennan. "HAITI - POSTAL HISTORY AND STAMPS". These are photocopies of Dr. Hennan's articles, as published in the American Philatelist during the period 1953-1954. Text is clean and clear. Illustrations (black and white only) are generally good enough to clearly show markings and postmarks. VF condition.15.0024.00
111Albert Kunze. "Who's Who in the Postage Stamps of Haiti". Pan American Union Philatelic Series No. 12, 1949, 20 pages. VF.1.254.00
End of auction