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Décembre 2022 enchères de la Société

Clôture des enchères le 8 janvier 2023

Lot Description Prix Offre
Stamps and souvenir sheets
1British Postal Agency, office in Jacmel. Scott #A13, plate 15. A very good copy in excellent condition. Clear “C59” obliteration. Catalog value: $225.00.$77.00
2Scott #2. A Mint/VF copy of this issue with excellent centering and wide margins. No hinge. Catalog value: $
3#7. Mint/VF. Position #17 in the reconstruction of a sheet of 50. Catalog value: $6.25.Link to Auction Lot #3 image$2.50
4#12. A Mint/VF copy with excellent centering and margins; very good gum side and no hinge. Catalog value: $
5#13. MNG/VF. Position #1 in the reconstruction of a sheet of 50. Catalog value: $17.50.Link to Auction Lot #5 image5.25
6#20. Mint (partial hinge remains on gum side). Fine-VF. Catalog value: $20.00.Link to Auction Lot #6 image1.50
7#40. Horizontal pair imperforated vertically in MNH and VF condition (see Scott footnote). Catalog value of $9.00 and up.7.50
8#47. Plate proof (color). Block of 4 in grey color. VF copy (see note in Scott catalog). Catalog value: $60-80. Added a single copy of Scott #49 in VF condition.25.00
9#67. A very nice block of this issue in MNH and VF condition. Bottom 2 stamps with surcharge inverted. Listed in Scott catalog as #67a. Catalog value: $
10#133. A Mint and VF copy with gum side in excellent condition and no hinge. Catalog value: $
11#151. Scarce copy of a horizontal strip of 5 with 2 stamps missing the surcharge. All in MNH and VF condition.17.00
12#152. Block of 4 with all copies with inverted surcharge. MNH and VF condition. Value of the stamps without the error is $
13#173. Horizontal strip of 3 with center stamp without surcharge, in MNH and VF condition. Not listed in Scott.8.75
14#218. Vertical strip of 3, all with inverted surcharge, in MNH and VF condition. Without the error, catalog value is $24.00. Not listed in Scott catalog.14.00
15#242. A unique opportunity, very seldom seen for sale!. MNH and VF copy of this issue. Not offered in the HPS auction program before, and cannot remember ever seeing one for sale in the philatelic market. Scott Catalog value for a Mint copy is $125.00. Scott Classic Specialized Catalog value for a MNH copy is $400.00.175.00
16#255. Mint and VF copy with “Gourde” at top and bottom of stamp. Not listed in Scott.4.00
17#267. Horizontal pair, left stamp with double surcharge. Not listed in Scott. MNH and VF copy.7.25
18#380 and #382. Specimen copies (American Bank Note Co.). MNH and VF copies.8.50
19#486-488, C188-190. 6 sheets of 12 in MNH and VF condition. Catalog value: $
20#616P-616Q. 4 souvenir sheets, perforated and imperforated in Used and excellent condition. See Scott note. Catalog value: $
21#809a. MNH and VF. 1984 souvenir sheet of the 500th anniversary of the arrival of Europeans in America.Link to Auction Lot #21 image7.50
22#889. MNH and VF. Christmas 1996 souvenir sheet. Quite scarce and very much undervalued in Scott.Link to Auction Lot #22 image7.50
23#902. Sheet of six. MNH, VF. Catalog value: $35.00.Link to Auction Lot #23 image17.00
24#940. A very scarce souvenir sheet in MNH and VF condition. Catalog value of $110.00.Link to Auction Lot #24 image65.00
25#C19a-C21a. Imperforated copies of these 3 souvenir sheets, in MNH and VF condition. Catalog value: $
26#C190a. 2 souvenir sheets; a Used copy and a Mint copy without the “contribution” line at the bottom of the sheet (see Scott footnote). Catalog value: $6++.3.50
27 #C277-C279. MNH and VF. Catalog value: $7.50."3.25
28#CB22-23, #CB37-38 and #CB40. Mint and VF.1.50
29#CB54a. Souvenir sheet in MNH and VF condition. See Scott footnote. Catalog value: $
30#RA26. Block of 4, MNH and VF. Imperforated on right margin. Not listed in Scott.1.75
Postal Stationery
31Postal card of the 1 Centime President Sam with the “Mai Gt Pre 1902” overprint. Mailed in Port-au-Prince 11 October 1902 to Berlin, receiving on 27 November 1902. A 2 Centime additional stamp paid with Scott #70. Message included in back is readable. A very nice copy of this PC.10.00
32H&G card #15, Mint and VR condition. This is a double card (Avec Réponse Payée" and "Réponse Payée" cards)."10.00

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