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The 50c Nord Alexis stamp of 1904

edited March 2022 in Postal Issues

Does anyone have a town cancel other than Port-au-Prince on Scott 101?
The few used examples that I have all Port-au-Prince cancels.
I believe that covers, used multiples, and town cancels are also rare because it was such a high value. At the time of issue, single weight letter rate for mail addressed abroad to North America or Europe was 10c de g, the domestic intra-town letter rate 1c, and the domestic inter-town rate 2c.

Another reason for the scarcity of covers, used multiples, and town cancels is is that numerous overprints and surcharges were applied to 90% or more of the 1,000,000 stamps printed.


  • Same here. Only have a few used examples of Scott #101 and they all have PaP cancels.

  • The estimate of 1,000,000 was made by Hennan, a respected authority.

    After posting, I made a tally of 50c NA overprinted stamps using Kohl, Montes, Sellers, etc. and came up with a total of 604.100. Could not find, or missed, quantities overprinted for three of the many different overprints and/or surcharges (Scott 107, 109, and 160). If one adds 200,000 for these three, the total is 800,000 which is still alot of stamps. Most of the 200,000 are with POSTE PAYE overprints. One must also add the unknown number overprinted with TM overprints for use as revenue stamps and a unique Gold Issue overprint essay (ex Montes).

    Many stamps were surcharged because this stamp was a seldom used high value. Of the stamps printed approximately 800,000 or 99% had overprints or surcharges applied making covers, multiples, and town cancels rare.
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