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Need following 1975 Audubon bird stamps: Anhinga 1g, Cyanocitta 25c, Davia AVION 50c, Grus 2,50 g, Megaceryle 1 g,
Meleagris AVION 5 g, Mergus AVION 75c, Numenius AVUIN 1 g, Sterna 5 g, Zenaidura AVION 25c. All stamps to be w/o CTO and no hinge mark on gum side. In exchange, will give a first day cover with RA9-RA16. Time is of essence.


  • Hi Perstamp87.
    I have four of these stamps MNH : Anhinga 1gde, Cyanocitta 25 c, Grus 2,5 gdes and Sterna 5 gdes. In exchange I will ask you the imperf S/S of Audubon CTO or MNH, or MNH perf S/S of Audubon.
    Best regards.

  • Thank you for responding. Unfortunately I do not have the items you wish for. All that I can offer is the RA9-RA16 first day cover. Regards.

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