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Can you help identify this cover and tell me who Muller is?

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What exactly is a Huber 300? ---I'd recently acquired this cover and was curious where I can find additional info. I have the full AAMC set, the Haitian Philatelic Society books 'Early Air Mail of Haiti' by Peter C. Jeannopoulos and 'Haiti's First Flights' by Barbara A. Levine as well as all of the pertinent PDFs and links here by Huber and Singley (elsewhere), So, who and where is Muller??


  • Hi , Mr. Frank Muller edited a catalog called " Catalogue des Aerogrammes du Monde Entier " I have the edition of the year 1949 , that listed first flights and verified covers to different worldwide destination from each country of the world. There he has listed by columns / Year / date of flight/ were the cover left and destination / how many covers were flown.

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