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1902 Provisonal Issue Forgeries

While classifying a group of 1902 Provisional Issue forgeries using Perer C. Jeannopoulos' study "Haiti's 1902 Provisionnal Issue", a came across a bunch of stamps bearing perfectly all of the features of a III-2b-D classification. But to my surprise, out of the lot, a bunch of thity or so stamps had the crossbar of the "A" of MAI obviously tilting below center to the left hand side. There is a mention of this particular feature in Leon Montes' book "La Timbrologie Haïtienne 1881-1954". According to the description published in his book, these stamps carry all of the features of what he calls Group III. I am working with Jeannopoulo's methodology and would not want to change as I find that it is a spendid reference manual and feel very comfortable working with it. My question here is can someone help me in finding an answer to this enigma.


  • If you post an image, It would be easier to try to answer your question.

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